2005-05-25 @ 11:59 p.m.

chance- n. - 1. the unpredictable and unwilled element in an occurence 2. luck or fortune 3. a possibility or probability of anything happening 4. an opportunity 5. a risk or hazard

interesting dont you think? that the same one word can have all those different somewhat contradictory definitions especially when human perception and interpretation is layered on?

if you ask me it seems that definitions 1-4 all go hand in hand and the last, #5 is the complete antithesis to #4. chance is favored by definition as something that could be positive yet i'd say the majority of people subscribe to chance being #5 - a risk.

in latin, the word for chance is "fortuna"...sound familiar?

what do you do when you see someone and your eyes lock for seconds...you walk away thinking nothing of it but then that same person shows up within feet of you in an hour later or the next day...do you still walk away? or do you speak? i would figure if somethin/one keeps appearing in random sequence or locale over and over again then it is no longer a coincidence. that very nature of repetition is no longer just "by chance." it is an opportunity as if a window is being opened wider and wider without you knowing when it will shut, except that you know it will ...so shouldn't you take that openess while you still have the "chance"?

its late and this word has repeatedley been thrown into my vocabulary and those around me all day today as well as in action so i wanted to look deeper into it. interestingly enough when i flipped to the "c"s in my Random House College Dictionary, the page i opened to coincidentally happened to be that of "chance," and also by chance, the upper left hand corner of the page had been dogeared.

it seems that it may be too complex for me to truly break down and decipher all the layers but i think you catch my drift...

it's all about the strawberry

Latin of the day:
"quid pro quo" = something given in return for a favor, or more literally, this for that.

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