sittin in the park

2005-05-17 @ 10:42 p.m.

Word of Advice:
It's not a good idea to eat a "cookie" prior to a business dinner meeting. It is IMPOSSIBLE not to laugh at everyone at the table and consequently not be paranoid at every single thing your boss may say. It is then NOT a good idea to ride the subway with no friend to function as a security blanket.
Ah, yes such is the life.
A $300 bottle of wine and a cookie later, i'm ready to pass the f*ck out.

On the train I step then sit as if it were a park bench of the underground. each trainroute a new park to wander. With each flourescent light that flickers on then off its as if i blinked. i hear the rhthym of the noise around me, the chatter being volleyed back and forth. so rhythmic, an anticipated beat, that each sound out of step alarms me with paranoia. conversely, i rock back and forth, side to side, letting the momentum displace me each time but like a comfortable lullabye reluctant to interrupt. i rub shoulders with my fellow bencher with each stop then go. i sit and watch people go by, entertaining myself with each perrson that walks by until i realize its time to leave...

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