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2005-04-25 @ 3:09 p.m.

So due to urging from my girl bygeorge I have to sum up my conversation with this wonderful Spaniard I met the other night. He has been in the states for a mere 3 weeks as he just moved here from Spain to work for a bank.
He and I were discussing the differences between American and European women. This was his answer regarding the european perception of american chicks:
1) they are stupid

2) they flirt by flaunting interest then walk away as if it is a chasing game

3)they kiss solely with their tongues like dogs drinking from a water bowl...they don't realize that you can use lips as well

HAHAHAHA. ok i'm cracking up, that shit was hilarious because i've heard this from a number of my euro friends. Come on women, can we please try and change this perception.
the whole reason we launched into this conversation is because he was shocked that I knew where Madrid was and then said that i'm not the typical american girl.
I proceeded to tell him there is an overwhelming fraternity like culture that continues past college for most chicks domestically and i'm sure that thats the type he has thus far encountered. the problem is that these women grow accustom to this type of fraternity-like, instant gratification, play hard to get, type of man. It's unfortunate. We have lost all faith in man to be a gentleman. There is no passion its all purely physical. Where is the deepset emotion. Damnit if a man such as he couldn't make ya cream of such intensity of words matched with eye contact. Ha ok i need to try and focus and get back to work.

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