Humming along

2005-02-07 @ 7:36 p.m.

Side 1: Shes been comforted by her long existing love.

Side 2: She fell hard, really hard, she couldn't catch herself in time. She lived in the moment and now thats moment decisively past. A whirlwind that spewed her out. She is laying on the ground shattered, but willing to rebuild.

"Today I am a walking duality.'
I meant what I said, I want you in my life for a long time...regardless of what capacity.

It's an amazing experience to truly fall in love with someone. Beautiful words are exchanged, sentiments are shared, communication is open, time is an abstract notion that has no place here...there exists only honesty and self in its purest utmost innocent form. That, right there, in its truest essence is a rarity. Its a song in which you know all the words...eventually over time the words may fade but the tune remains the same. It sucks sometimes that you can't remember all the words but you can still hum that tune with such a smile on your face. Words can't describe, adjectives are inadequate, human touch helps convey what can not be said. But, what do you do when that physical explanation can no longer exist? How do you describe what happened? I'm trying real hard right now to remember all the words, but I can't. I guess I will just quietly hum the tune and hope one day I will be reminded of the beautiful lyrics that are us.

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