ciber cafe con leche

2005-10-16 @ 12:47 a.m.

ah yes tis me again on the español keyboard...with 5 minuts remaining in un ciber café i might as well use them
yes thats right updating twice on the same day totally unprecedneted para mí

so i held my fist up to the sky with my eyes staring at my clenched fingers prolcaiming "SONS OF B*TCHES!" as both of my cameras lost their juice, meta´s battery stopped going plus here memory card ran out and my disposable was on E
all at the most opportune photo opp overloking the city of GRANADA.
what in the hel is wrong with us!

im getting better at typing on this keyboard as you can tell.
we are trying to find a professional fútbol game to attend while here.

i am perplexed at the emails i have been etting from people, notabley boys i have not spoken to in FOREVER actually quite random....whatever

this place is muy gorgeous

the trees are watching

i want to get drunk but meta is still recovering so im taking it easy on the peer pressure til she gets beeter acquainted with the moment BEFORE the room begins to spin.
although we did get some bebida gratis cards for this spot called Babylon...perhaps we shall partake....just no more gypsy moonshine
and no more dropping 50€s like its $ by day we are taking it...again i will remind you with NO MAP.

the hotel man hates us similar to the hotel man in paris that hated me and bygeorge or rather was quite confused by us and our adventures....metas ass, literally, kept us from getting upstairs to our room in which the hotel man had to tell her to stand upright and mover her ass.
then i called the hotel man twice while trying to get an outside line until finally i said ¨"como llamo abierto???" which literally means "how i call open?"
again inebriation plus foreign language not so good. it wasnt until IN ENGLIS he said "0" did i entinedo cuando me hablan...remmeber!?

uh oh meta just read this and is perplexed...."what trees?" she asks....hahaha....and now she just said "ok ok lets go get drunk"

ah we shall see what will ensue.....
paz afuera

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