mi español esta mejorando pero no entiendo cuando me hablan

2005-10-15 @ 10:42 a.m.

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meta y yo estmo en un ciber cafe en Granada España on a funky spanish keybpard.
o not only c we not spek or undetand spnih
we cnt even writ in English!!¿¿¡
wokue uprather early today cosnidering wefel€ll out due to ome gray moonhine from some guy in a renissnce outfint in the Plaaaza lst night.
we met an old english man and his young jpanese boyfriend a she-man an a grandmother last night while at dinner which made for some interesting conversation.
we hv no map yet omehow we mnged to get from Potrgual allthe wy east to where we are now.
i am the master o the maps an meta is the duke of driving.
we have switched roles abit as i´mmaking her talk to people...step one in coaching her to get rich olive heir panish mn to fund our exploits.
its really not too hot to ply golf as we were told therefore we are exmrely unprepare for the colld ass weathere that has set in since we got hit by the Huricin Vinncé
must buy gloves.
içm pending wy tooo mcuh mula
oh right we are having trouble trnaslaing the €uro
we are some broke ass fake me out backpackin ballers
that doe not work to our advneage
tody we will goo to th Al Hambra and perhaps tomorro es poible we will go to Fuente Agria to drink some healing wter at thebase of theSI€rra Nevda
I cn now drive stickshit
meta broke the shoer last night
by falling ue to inebriation
La Mezquita is grogeous.
yummy aci€tunas!
me duele tanto
there is a giantsize michael jackson poster staring at me right now in the ciber cafe as i wit or meta to finihup gtting her fix for the eeeenntternet
thí thí, claro
vale vale
por supuuuuesto

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