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2007-01-11 @ 3:23 p.m.

So much to document in life – so little time do it
Instead just live it


Having said that we lived it up this weekend! I can’t go without mentioning the most fabulous spa weekend me, meta, and chrysalis had.
An impromptu trip turned into just what we all needed.
We visited the best most relaxing space in NYC it seemed.

Prior, however, there was the insane night on the town which began with a late afternoon of shopping at my catch all place Pearl River, which quickly turned into a starving hunger for the need to satisfy my craving of Cuban food at my fave lil Cuban spot in the east village, Centrifico (actually really called Cafecito) where we determined that the best sandwich would consist of 2 meat and cheese empanadas/patties/whatever (or a hotpocket) to replace the normal 2 slices of bread that customarily make up a sandwich aka bocadillo.
Then we went to Decibel, an underground sake bar, to meet up with AX and his boys (who were by the way, extremely hammered). There we finished 4 bottles of Sake and Chrysalis met up with me and Meta.
Interesting conversation from there ensued…tempers flared or rather MisCommunication and her shady ways ran rampant and we ultimately left.
The exchange of the evening?
D: “Kiss me”
C: “Um, no that would be like kissing a subway”

As we were just about ready to hop in a cab, Chrysalis, hungry for a falafel, used her eagle eye cherry self to spot a place across the way - Sahara East. What we all thought would be a quick bite to eat, take-out even, turned into $5 waters, a love affair with the Tony Montana flavored hookah, French fries, and free lessons to Chrysalis on how she can blow more smoke into her face courtesy of our hookah neighbors. This basically meant we did not get home until around 5am.

So the next morning the idea of a spa day was equally daunting and exciting. We woke up hella early and dragged our asses to Korea Town. While unassuming from the exterior as you step off the elevators, Juvenex, an oasis of fluidity was heavenly.
The rest is the best – I think they use purified water or something cause those showers we took to get it all started were BANGING. Then we began the Jade Journey with a stint in the stone igloo of a sauna, moving to the pseudo Cold Rainforest Shower, then to the glass pyramid of a steam room, off to soaking in the sake and lemon infused Japanese tub, then to the bar to be served cold cucumber water (the best idea of a combo ever) and sliced fruit. There we relaxed and refreshed until we were each called for our fabulous Reflexology apptmt which was beyond expectation.

Finally, just to ensure it was all good we entered the detox room which was basically a mud room with heated charcoal. There we napped on the straw ground as the toxins were literally being pulled from our bodies out of our feet via the charcoal. Absolutely amazing. Did I mention we had the WHOLE place to ourselves??
$108 and 2 hours turned to 3 and we were off so Meta could get her haircut at my place by the fabulousness that is my girl K.

After feeding our souls we had to feed our bodies with a neverending brunch at my fave spot The Nook (again with the whole place to ourselves). It was delectable as we ate, sipped tea, and conversed with my boy J who runs the place on Sundays.
From there we indulged ourselves some more as we had good friends like AX, Tac, and Jasmine over for cocoa and kahlua. It was a chill evening with good music and laughs.

Anyways, this was all great and we need to treat ourselves like this more often! The detoxification, however, was slightly interrupted by waking up to the smell of gas the next morning in my apartment and on my way to work – only to find out that it was wafting all over Manhattan – this smell of “Mercaptin” – a chemical combined with natural gas so you know if there is a leak – all in all I got a headache and got dizzy and then it faded away and they still have no source.

And here we are on Thursday – still feeling the benefits of the spa in my feet ready for the next lil getaway for good times.

On a separate note I just had an encounter with a love that proved to be extremely uncomfortable and awkward. It’s unfortunate. It’s up. It’s down.

I am a mess – but that will be it. No more mentioning.
I’m willin it all to happen my way this year.
The new outlook for the year?
Pay attention and watch…it will all happen.

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