2005-12-22 @ 11:25 a.m.

Ok let me just tell you that the transit strike rather BLOWS during this holiday season especially since i have not gotten A SINGLE gift.

Or, maybe i should look at it as a blessing in disguise since i am BROKE anyway and can't afford to do any shopping.

Anyways I must say it could be worse. It could be nasty NYC summertime which would make it feel like hell walking to work. Or it could be snowing and raining which would slow it down even further. Not that any of this commuting to work and back matters to me since I walk to work but its not like that will definitely be the case much longer. Since i have to MOVE and did I mention am BROKE!!????

I'm ranting but the NYC real estate market is soooo shady. Brokers run the rental market charging anywhere from 15-20% of the annual rent as a fee. So even if you find an apt within your price range you gotta have like $6,000 in the bank for first and last months rent, security, plus the fee. That's more than i put down on my house in PA!!!BLOWERS.

At least now I have an extra 30 days giving me til Feb. 1st. Lets hope folks I can find something in my price range and preferred neighborhood WITHOUT a brokers fee!!!! Will it to happen, please!!!!!!!!

All in all its kinda neighborhly to have everyone out on the streets. It makes for some nasty commutes which I am glad I don't have to participate in. But New Yorkers are truly a breed of their own trekking about unphased! It kinda reminds me of the Blackout where everyone bonded together and refrained from catching attitude with each other.

Well we can't escape the Strike its alllll over the news 24hrs. a day since the last one was in 1980 and NYC relies on the subway!!! People walking across bridges, biking, and sharing rides adds to the community feeling. Cabs are raking the $$ up charging $10 for each person in the car plus an additional $5 for every zone crossed instead of the metered fare making it $20 to get from lower manhattan to upper manhattan. Just in time for the holidays.

I feel bad for the seasonal workers that rely on this money and are being forbidden to cross the picket line to make an honest buck. Just bad timing i say.

Something tells me it's gonna end today. The union is getting fined $1MM per day and workes are getting docked 2 days pay for every day they are on the line. I just don't think they can afford to strike much longer.

There is practically no one at my job. It's been a joke at work since the strike happened which is why i'm ranting on this thing. my apologies.
I guess i will try and do some work now.

Happy Holidays!!!
Love you all!!!

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