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2005-12-09 @ 7:19 p.m.

wow, what a week of ups and much like the weather

had a fabulous weekend with the Marley crew for the "Welcome to Jamrock" show which at some point i will have to fully recount since i have been quite obsessed

then great news is my brother go promoted!!! downside is he also is getting relocated. I knnow have a month to find a new apt. in NYC and given my current financial siuation, that will not be easy.

then my Dad's ol'bday which always makes me shed a tear

and today after a night of partying at the annual holiday party i am surprisingly not hung over and woke up before my alarm went off at 8:15am. I look out my window and to further my surprise, saw snowflakes the size of ornaments falling from the sky with already 3 inches on the ground. So happily i text everyone with this feeling of peace and happiness that the first major snowfall always brings me.

i find out later in the day my Papa passed away at 8:13 in the morning.

i fly out to LA tomorrow morning. the snow has turn to slush.

well my Dad has some more company now...and my Papa can now be free of his physical self which aged far sooner than his mind or spirit...and i truly believe that they are together looking over us.

family is the greatest gift, one must cherish it. you can't exchange them and don't even expect to be able to return or get a full refund. there is none other like it to you. its invaluable.

stayin strong...for me...and my family...

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