Oh, to give thanks!

2005-11-28 @ 6:15 p.m.

So its been a minute…there have been several stories brewing in my head, not to mention plenty of updates.

To start, I am finally winding down from a hectic travel schedule ever since I got back from Spain. After being at work for only a week I was then off to LA where I got to celebrate with my boy Tac for his bday and who was also gracious enough to provide me with housing. Tac was looking all LA with the tan, the leanness, and the haircut…go ‘head boy! Good times to see familiar faces and meet new ones.

Got to hang with boy IndianGreek at a Paramount soiree, visited family in Covina (always get some laughs out my Mama and Papa and cousins), toured the Paramount lot, got scanned into an action figure that should be arriving any day…and let me tell you was one of the coolest things EVER, got picked up in a stretch hummer and taken to ridiculous seats at the Hollywood Bowl to see The Rolling Stones….which was SICK, and then was off to Vegas.
In Vegas, I got to dive in the wave pool, by my lonesome since my boss decided to stay fully corporately clothed poolside, met with clients over fabulous dinners, got a book on blackjack strategies, met up with one particular client who gave me the book along with a couple hundred $ to employ my newly learned strategies and earned me $500 that he let me keep all of, even though it was his mula..woohoo!!! That’s one generous dude and super nice, we had a grand time and he got to meet my man who arrived the next day to the downgraded hotel that was super skeevy since I could no longer afford the posh luxury one that my job put me up in. The same client got us tix to the Klitschko vs. Rahman Heavyweight title fight which were ringside and useless since freaking punk ass Klitschko claimed injury then retired within the week. But its cool and my man and I made good fun out of the few days regardless.

While leaving Las Vegas I got news that my Papa had to go to the hospital unexpectedly after I left them in LA, which was hard news to take and had a bit of a breakdown in the airport. I had just seen him smiling and laughing calling me a big shot and didn’t want to think of him in the condition he was. But, apparently he’s still flirting with the nurses so I am praying for the best!
So I come back to NYC and then was warily off again to Cleveland to meet with one of my top clients, good times over a comedy show and then got to hang with my girl bygeorge for the rest of the weekend. Cleveland can sure be fun when hanging with the right people, and boy were these folks hilarious. Leave it to bygeorge to meet characters such as these. I still can’t get over James and the Giant Peach, mean I know, but funny nonetheless and much props for the lil dude going after the girl 2 ft taller and baggin her!!!

Ok then I got back to NYC where a t-storm ensued. I was walking to work my first day back after traveling for 3 weeks and was struggling with my bags, my ipod, my umbrella all the while in heels. Long story short my umbrella gets turned inside out, the metal brackets break off the fabric and it flies across the street. Being the good citizen, I run after it to place it in the trash. All the while this man is looking at me with a smirk on his face as if this is amusement for him. As I go to pick up the umbrella a cab splashes me soaking wet, then as I try to hurry across the street I faintly hear but can’t make out a cop saying to me “watch out” because apparently there was grease all over the road and I slip and fall. So basically I look and feel like a wet dog, and not a happy one. And here is this man again smiling and offering a hand up.
So I take it and then begin a 15 min fight with the trashcan to get the damn umbrella into the small hole of the can. After cussing outloud and just plain looking like a crazy woman I turn to find mr. random man standing there still smiling and then uttering “looks like you could use an umbrella.” So I took it and he walked me to work, this fine ass English gentleman. Too bad I was too frazzled to realize what in the hell was going on as I ran into my office with a quick gracious THANK YOU as he stood waving. That was probably a “missed connection.” Ah yes. Ya see, I like this story because it reminds me that good people do still exist.
To segue yet again, Thanksgiving was great. Drove down with my man and his mom and hit a snowstorm, first of the season and a clear sign that the holidays are truly upon us. I love this time of year!!!Mom whipped up the most delish of meals and me and my brothers and their chicks ate it cozily around the coffee table, couldn’t have asked for anything better! Got to spend time with family and friends. New and Old.
Met up with C-Dot and Reese to journey into a high school soiree.We were really late to the soiree but it was packed with old familiar, don’t quite remember the name, faces.

I will spend some time on this topic. So in high school I had a complex attending an all girl private high school where the only interaction with boys were from a fairly homogeneous boys private school. Was never quite white or girly enough for those white boys. Now I had a boyfriend in high school, but always had this complex of not being quite good enough physically for the opposite sex. Low self-esteem or self-confidence maybe. So I go to this reunion of sorts and give many “fake hugs” as C-dot puts it and see my crush from back in the day. Boy is so adorable. But for the first time I get side tracked from him to a group a lil white boys that walked in and began to play pool.
For some reason we apparently became best friends with RedHead, a girl that went to school with us til like 9th grade. Reese and her were practically glued at the hip as she tackled everyone for advil for her impending cramps. She approached the group of boys playing pool and began the conversations. Throughout the night without the crutch of Bygeorge, I was chattin it up with all these folks, including the white mike jones that c-dot got the biggest kick out of. We were snapping pics in “stealth” mode which are quite funny actually as they consist of part of my head and then them clear in the back. We were totally acting like we were 13. Turns out those boys didn’t go to our boys school but another local school in the area. One of the cute ones, we will call him Zboy, asked for my # so he could meet up with us after. I was shocked…that doesn’t happen to me.
I was even more shocked when he actually called later on in the evening to find our locale but alas that was that….

The night was long as we went onto another lounge downtown and saw even MORE people. It was rather interesting to see these people and their reactions. Met some “college hunks hauling junk” as they put it, amongst others. It was different to get some attention from a group of people that never put it out there before. Apparently I made someone’s year. As bygeorge put it “you never got white boys” but she also said Redhead “looks cracked out.” Hahahaha man she can be brutally honest, and I love her for it. Those two comments were in no way related but whatever it was funny.

Ok well I guess that sums up most of the past couple months—in an abridged way.
Oh I saw my old classics professor’s wife on the History channel last night talking about Caligula…that was cool…I really wanna try to make that Israel dig happen this summer.

I just want to say I am truly thankful for everyone and everything/experience I have in my life....Thank You.

Alright alright this is long enough…stay full through the holidays to stay warm!!!!
Uno paz.

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