2005-11-03 @ 3:58 p.m.

Been a bit under the weather these past couple of days...
i was in bed fairly early the other evening tossing and turning with chills then night sweats from fever and it just being plain cold in my apartment.
my man, my brother, and his girlfirend were on the couch in the living room watching basketball as i tried desperately to rest.
Finally, i settled in - periodically waking up to clear my nose or my bladder.

I always have crazy dreams when i sleep like this...towards the early morning I had a dream...a dream in which i was in my old apt. in DC only it was AX in the bedroom laying in bed, a bit groggy and unable to speak.
I was bringing him milk in an old school glass milk bottle along with some mushed up something or other...all served on an antique looking tray....matter of fact all the furniture was quite out of another era. i laid next to him giving him the nourishment as he smiled, happy and content.

Then...I woke up out of nowhere. It was an hour earlier than normal and had a while before work started. I sat on the couch barely watching TV just thinking about how it had been a minute since i had spoken to AX or even thought about him let alone dreamt about him and wondered if he was doin'alright.
I went to work unwillingly even though my man urged me to stay home. While at work, and miserable, i got a call on my cellphone...who could it be??? AX.

He seemed happy to talk to me, happy to get my postcard written in spanish from Spain, happy that i had left him a voicemail when i returned.
He pretended to be calling for another reason and blamed the hurricane for returning my voicemail 2 weeks late, which is still rather record time for him. I told him about my trip, how amazing it was...he was happy for me although slightly jealous.."i thought i wouldn't hear from you for another 6 mos. telling me to visit you in Spain"
i told him had it not been for the depletion of funds, meta and I would have probably stayed.
He asked me to send him pics, and to help him with a new business venture he was dabbling in, and then we got off the phone so that he could make his dentist apptmt to get his wisdom teeth out. Something i just got done a week prior. He said "i'll probably be in bed these next couple of days 'cause of my teeth but let's talk soon."
it wasnt until i woke up this morning that i realized that i had dreamt about him the night before having to eat mush in bed...quite interesting indeed

i'm feeling a bit better...went into work late and left eary...so here i am at home recovering enough so i can make my man's clothing launch party later tonight.

i leave for LA on saturday, then off to vegas where i meet up with my man and attend an event (courtesy of a quite generous cool ass client) that i have always wanted to attend perhaps because of the way my Dad could illustrate them so vividly with words...a heavyweight title championship bout.

i'm a bit out of it.
my eyes are tired from staring at this bright color screen in the darkness of my living room...til later...i'll have to give you the scoop on the fight!!!

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