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2005-09-19 @ 12:25 a.m.

what a great familial weekend...good times good times

i'm tired

i did my laundry after the fam went home and began to fold it into my drawers when i decided to finally do something about the fact that my crap ass cheap but affordable Ikea dresser was falling apart...i couldnt close the drawers anymore blah blah blah

so whilst on the phone with BB(the fluent in italian navy boy i have mentioned in the past and will fo into further detail at anothe rmoment) i decide to take apart my drawers and put them back together with some elmers glue and spackle.

haha i laugh at myself

then whilst looking for the glue i find the key to my lockbox which i feared was missing. i open my lockbox to be surprised by the things i thought important to protect.

such is the sentimental person i am that you would find letters and pictures and such sentimentalities (i like that better than sentiments) in my "safe."

one letter was all the way back from elementary school from this chick who was my GIRl back in the day since K-G.
She was a congressman's daughter, lived across the street from the elemnetary school (the only reason why you'd find her at a school like that), and was super wealthy and that basically meant that when i went over her house to play we had a strict bedtime and ate lemon soup with a glass of milk for dinner. Needless to say she was over at my house more than i was at hers as my parents were and are the coolest.

well the letter was so funny -- there were several actually...letter writing was the preferred mode of communication back in the day especially when i moved to Maryland for a brief stint after switching from the DC public school system to private.
on one of them she wrote "...I hope we can spend some time together before you go because I know we'll never see each other again...I know I'm going to miss you so much. It is going to be so hard without you. I wish you could stay. then you could see (insert the name of my first crush here who ended up happening to be my first boyfrieng years later coincidentally) and we could still be together....i want to give you some advice, you don't have to do your homework for the summer. I'll do the favor for you if you get me a picture you. Your best friend, LD"

HAHAH oh man i fell out laughing at the homework part because it made me remember how when i found out i was switching schools the normally good behaved girl that i was and am acted out really badly to my crazy ass fourth grade teacher, and she had the nerve to punish me with having to do summer homework! even when i wasn't even coming back to taht school! She threatened to tell my new school if i didn't do it and LD volunteered...isn't that cute?
anyways LD ended up coming to a nearby private school but we lost touch...her parents were going through a nessy divorce and the media was all over it and she turned to other bad habits and then got sent away to a boarding school and that was the last i heard.

so, with my new obsession with friendster (thanks a lot meta and bygeorge) i decide to looke her up and low and behold there she is! looking the same but all grown AND it tuns out she was the same major as myself and bygeorge AND went to Cornell with bygeorge!! ah such is the 6 degrees of separation. I asked bygeorge about her and she told me that LD was super preppy and annoying in class cause she would always ask questions....sounds like the LD i used to know before she turned "punk".
Such are the extremes prep to punk and back to prep.

i reached out to her...i hope to hear back...its nice to recapture a bit of childhood.

so that brings me back to my drawer...after getting addicted with bygeorge for the last hour and half on friendster, now my eyes hurt from staring at the computer, my back hurts from this awkward lazy ass position i'm sitting in to use the computer and to top it off my bed is full with clothes a mountain high as the spackle and glue dries on the drawer and i don't feel like putting them back in tonight.

this is my predicament...shall i put the clothes to the side and deal with tomorrow?

yes, yes i think i shall.

g'night :)

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