umm somebody, anybody, please?

2005-09-10 @ 1:28 a.m.

ok so as i get off the 2 hour delayed plane in Miami (yes, i am here again only this time with my man whom i am currently not speaking to as 6 hours in an airport and plane one can grow wary of another)....i look at my brother's old cell that i reactivated til mine arrives in the mail and i see i have a voicemail and a text.

I check both and what do i get from AX????

Noooo not a voicemail but a text that reads the following:

"Muchas graciasizzle por la gift you are da bomb bomb im singing already girl!"

Ok now this is where the title of this entry comes into play - somebody, anybody , please?? what in the heezy am i supposed to make of this??

here's where i net out- should i be glad that he even acknowledged the fact i sent him something on the day he got it?
can you sense the sarcasm as i type!?
how about the fact that he did it in the most passive non-confrontational way possible? how bout i can see him saying this all giddy like?
how bout this sh*t is BLOWING me!??

URGH. do people have common courtesy anymore?
i mean is this where technology takes the place of those human to human interactions, those once had to be had awkward conversations?
we are an avoider society...we expect we can just skim on by with hopes we can add the depth later.
it doesn't work that way people!!
you must build from the bottom up!!

ok i'm frustrated...going to drink my chamomile tea and hopefully have a nice long rest in which i can get over all these men constantly annoying me.!!!

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