the good ol days

2005-08-29 @ 3:47 p.m.

I'm sitting at work writing...this has not been the case in quite a while. maybe its because of the fact my boss is leaving for her wedding (3rd boss in 3 years that has gotten married on me during our busiest season of back to school) and is dumping all her sh*t on me and i just don't feel like dealing with it.

Maybe its because i'm exhausted from a hell of a pseudo college reunion weekend.

Maybe its due to the big ass sushi lunch i ate with my man and now im feeling the -it is.

Ah. sigh. not so sure. I am sure that I'd much rather be in my bed half watching a movie than in front of my computer screen.

This weekend was man and my brother went down to DC for the weekend for a boys night out/bday celebration for my man and their other boy - the virgos. They went to a strip club and my brother made my mom swear up and down not to tell me that they went to a strip club in fear that it would get my man in trouble with me since my mom tells me everything.

Funny enough my man told me when they were on their way back up to NYC. Sounded like fun, although they should have at least bought the bday boy a lap dance which we didnt.

First of all I was shocked that my man told me in the first place.

Secondly my brother was shocked that my man told me as he overheard our conversation and even more shocked that I didn't care.

Then my man told me that after we hung up he asked my brother if he shouldnt have told me for fear of me telling my brothers girlfriend. My brothers response to the expected reaction of his girlfriend "no she won't care."

This is where its funny because his ex-stripper open/down for whatever girlfriend, a sweetheart, comes over when they get back to NYC. My brother and her go for a walk to get beer and she comes storming back in the house 10 min later grabbing her bag and screaming "Strip Club!?" My brother was so blown. Apparently she was very pissed at the fact that my brother could have a "great time" at the strip club. Again everyone was shocked at my lack of reaction when i was told in comparison to hers. They ended up arguing on the phone for quite a while.

I told my mom of course and she was laughing as she told me how my brother told her to swear not to tell me. Oh well.

I could have gone down to DC as well as it would have been a free ride but I opted out as those boys rarely get to enjoy a weekend together and I didnt want my man or my brother to feel obligated to include me whatsoever. So i stayed in NYC has a girls weekend of sorts...

Friday night was chill although i should have know that the random occurence of 2 my ol boys from GWU would set the tone for the rest of the weekend. JW and CV aka the Kenyan Sensation show up unexpectedly in business attire late friday night wasted. We kick it, catch up, watch tv, then these muthaf*ckas pass out on my couch. Snoring loud as can be like bookends each held down a side of the couch. I retired to bed. In the morning i was shocked to see them still passed out on the couch. They finally left just before my bro and man showed up to leave for DC. They left.

My girl NK, also from GWU, who just moved to Boston from San Fran, and I havent seen in years calls and says shes in town with her new man. Excited I tell them to come over. I invite them to stay at my crib for the weekend and give them the spare keys. Turns out her new man, "the one" as she puts it, happens to be filipino. I was shocked but welcomed him to the family.

Then honoring previous plans I meet up with CZ and her girl for brunch. The lushes that we were were wasted off champagne by 5pm. So we went to the most expected of places next...another bar...which happened to be the Metropolitan Museum of Art. HAHA. ok i find that funny. Us being the cultured females that we are and CZ being a patron member we decided to be peruse ancient artifacts and art at the Met which was awesome. Checked out the exhibits then headed up to the roof for a park view with wine in hand. Once her girl headed out, CZ and i then went to the patrons lounge and had Mr. Belvedere serve us tea and cookies as we relaxed on the plush couches.

NK and her man were still at dinner when we got back to my crib so we just took a lil nappy nap til they called. Then CZ's friend JA, also from GWU shows up. With a bottle of vodka in the freezer we were on our way to a very interesting evening. We meet up with NK and her man's friends at the Mandarin hotel for some RIDICULOUSLY expensive drinks...we are talking $17. Good thing we had a bottle of vodka before we left cause we only needed one of these overpriced, but delicious martinis, to set it off.

NK's man's friends were also all filipino which was interesting because that was probably the most filipinos i've ever interacted with aside from family ever in NYC. My drunk ass was probably not giving the best impression as most filipinos tend to judge quick but they were nice enough to make me feel like not a complete ass.

All i have to say is luckily everything was within walking distance from my house. We walked home when JA and CV (from the night before) and again from GWU, call to say they are in the neighborhood. Ditching our previous plans of going "dancing" we opt to stay at the crib. So now its CZ, JA, CV, JA, NK and her man, and me, all of whom are from GWU minus CZ and NK's man. THEN Misterbunj, also from GWU calls to say that he is in NYC stranded and if he can wait at my crib til the next bus at 7am. So its a big party! he comes through, everyones wasted.

CZ proceeds to spill her oj and vodka all over my computer keyboard right before falling head first into it. Then somehow we made it to the pizza place across the street. We ate the pizza then CZ proceeded to fall face first, while sitting on the ground, into the piza box on the coffee table. OH man too funny. All my boys were like DAMN this girl is crazy. It took 3 of us to lift her dead weight up and on to the bed.

I ended up staying up til 6am keeping Misterbunj company as CV and JA, like the night before had already passed out on the couch and there was no way Misterbunj was squeezing between them. NK and her man retired and it was me and Misterbunj chillin in the kitchen.

Eventually he left for his bus, I went to bed and then woke up CZ at 8am to go out to Long Island just to come back into the city to move her sister into the NYU dorm. JA and CV leave around 11am just as NK and her man are getting up.

The 3 of us grab brunch before their long drive back to Boston. We reminisced about college....ah the good old days.
Ah how old we feel now.
Ah how I miss my boyz.
Ah how we used chill til 6am all the time on my couch with mad heads coming in and out of the crib.
Ah how I'm feelin it now at work.
All in all, long story coming to a close...with the exception of missing a couple key characters that evening, it was great to relive a typical night in college.

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