dreams = dual reality?

2005-08-05 @ 10:59 a.m.

I just woke up from a wierdo dream.
I've been having a lot of those lately. This dream was much more detailed and specific than this but youíll get the jist.

It must have been my birthday or something. But I walk into what looks like a home disguised as a bar located on a Manhattan city block. On one outside corner there is a gated in side terrace with comfy chairs and little tables. Inside it looks like a home, a living room with couches, a library, dining room, and then in the back a bar that leads to a backyard garden.

Each room was filled with people who all greeted me and yelled surprise as I walked through. I specifically remember seeing my coordinator and her cousin, AX and his brother, my boy K and his friend, MyLove and his boy Dread, my family, Meta and a blonde friend, Bygeorge, Laydaybug, C-Ker and her sis who was holding a little child by the hand, CZ and her friends, and the list goes on.

I went to the bar and had a drink with CZ and her crazy friends. K comes up to join. I feel nervousness throughout the whole dream in fear that MyLove would think something more was going on then it actually was. I decide to take a walk in the backyard and my ol dog Snoop comes running up. I play with her for a bit and see that all the men in my life were playing basketball on some make shift court.

I haven't seen AX in quite a while and that translated to m dream. Because as we crossed eye lines it stuck for a second then kept on moving. My cousin and his girlfriend were there too. AX came up to me, the bball fence was in between us and said "hey" I returned that with "you came?" he just looked at me with this bizarre smile then got called back into the game. You could cut the tension with a knife.

I notice in the back of the court there was a huge tree. MyLove told me there were peaches growing from it. So I run with Snoop over to the tree only to find that there is every type of fruit imaginable laid out by the tree as if it was dropping from the limbs. A farmer type was selling them to passersby but I could take freely from it what I wanted. For some reason there was also dulce de leche but it was really leche flan. I took a piece and my brothers got really excited to eat them because they love that Filipino dessert.

I call my mom and her friend over telling here she wouldnít believe it. My mom as her nature though of course acted like she always knew it was there and yelled that she was scared to come out because she was scared of Snoop. My mom and her friend finally came over when my coordinator surprised me from behind.

In a serious tone my cooridnator said she wanted to talk. I said in reply "let me guess now that the trees are bearing fruit you want to help your family out and sell them?" No, she said. Instead she told me she wanted to go back into sales and join the retail team. I told her if thatís what she really wanted she could but that it was a completely different way of life. I encouraged her to join one of their meetings to observe then decide.

I walk past the court and see all the men sweating in the hot sun. But in the back I see the sun setting. I walk back inside where all my girlfriends are wasted and begging me to do shots. My cousin comes up to me and tells me that he and his friends are leaving cause their girlfriends are mad at them. I tell them to enjoy but that their gfriends were being ridiculous. He agreed but like any good guy, followed his girlfriend.

As I walked him out I saw my coordinator and her cousin sitting on the sidewalk terrace. By now it was evening. As I m talking to them I see AX and his brother walking off. He turns around for a brief moment then keeps walking. Why he couldnít say goodbye beats me. Perhaps it was just mimicking real life.

I turn back inside and MyLove and his boy tell me that they will "be right back". They leave as K asks if he can go take a shower. I say sure. I lead him upstairs with CZ and her friends and to our surprise there is a massive wave pool in the master bedroom. We all enjoy it as if we were at the beach taking loads of pictures from every ones digital pictures. Bygeorge kept looking at me saying "you are treading in dangerous waterĒ but everyone was having the time of their lives.

I hear the door downstairs and realize its MyLove. The water all of a sudden drains from the room and we are all left standing on a table that was the dock. Wet and covered in sand, we take a few more pictures. I tell K that he has to leave. Now itís just myself, one other female friend who I cant place, and K. MyLove walks upstairs and looks awkwardly at the situation. I tell him to relax on the bed. K grabs his bag and leaves with my friend pretending that they came together. K, however, left his camera. I quickly hide that as MyLove tells me to bring my camera over cause he wants to see pictures from the night. I tell him itís been a long night and that he should go rinse off.

He goes in the shower while I take the memory card out of my camera in a panic. Even though I knew there were no incriminating pictures on the camera.
K ends up coming back upstairs realizing he left his camera. MyLove and him lock a stare for a quick second then K walks out. I tell MyLove I will be in the shower in a second. I walk K to the car and he looks at me with his usual naive confused stare. I tell him I will explain later.

I join MyLove in the shower and its nice. Well leave that at that.
We get into bed and he sees my camera. He turns it on but I guess there were some pics that were saved onto the hard drive in the camera. I try deleting some but he starts browsing. He tells me "wow you are really close with all these people huh?" I tell him yes. I love my friends. And that I hope he can be comfortable with that because thatís how it will be for the rest of our life. He looks at me and tells me that he has always known that about me and loves that about me. The nervousness that had been present the whole night was now gone as I figure out that he planned this whole night.

At this point I think I realize that it was not my birthday we were celebrating but some sort of engagement party. Well lets just say MyLove and I began to enjoy each others company to the fullest.
At this point, in real life, my phone rings waking me up from my dream. Itís MyLove.

How weird is this dream??

I think its spurred by a couple of things.
1. My dream the night before in which Meta, myself, and one other person were having a "reckless engagement" party for each other.

2. Last weekend MyLove and I attending a wedding together in which the couple had only known each other for 6 mos.

3. Hanging out with K the previous Friday in NYC for the first time. In which in drunken stupor he tells me "you know how hard it is to look at you? You are the only girl my mother has ever told me that I will regret if I don't marry. That cuts me like a knife since I am in a relationship."

4. Hanging out with a co-worker who was drilling me on the situation with AX. And an old text that I got from him that I came across "Hey, I am going to bed, thinking of you, goodnight."

5. A bunch of other real life events that have happened over the past few weekends have definitely found a place in this dream.

What the f*Ck? I'm having some crazy ass dreams lately.

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