miracle spring water

2005-06-27 @ 7:09 p.m.

i'm tired. it's raining but yet i didn't seem to mind on my walk home. i'm tired because i got up hella early this morrning to get to work before my boss so i could catch her before she got all frantic with the day. had to clear the air about this reactive email she sent right before the weekend that then resulted in me stressing out for what was supposed to be my days off. whatever thats done.

perhaps i am also exhausted from the fact that i was up til 2am watching a terrible infomercial on "Miracle Spring Water" and its healing powers. So terrible. This man Peter Popoff put some tap water in a plastic pouch no bigger than a soy sauce packet and is sending it out in the masses.

The whole time I'm watching this thing trying to figure out the hookk...whats the hook i kept asking? then in my fatigue and almost complete hypnosis from the tv i began to entertain the belief that perhaps this water was miraculous. then i woke up because as my eyes lost focus he started to look real evil and scary as he put his hands to the camera and he began to scream that you should come closer to the tv and place your hands on his. freaky! being the dork i am i looked this cat up on the net. turns out hes been at it for years and that the guy who "outted" him, Randi, was a dude my dad interviewed years ago which was pretty interesting.

anyways the hook is that he sends you all this free shit then he sends a computer generated letter in the following weeks that appears handwritten asking for your donation to help with his cause of helping others. this dude has people all over the world buying into this crap and sending him money. since you and i both have nothing better to do, or do but don;t feel like doin git...check it out here.

come on help stop this man and these poor people that have to succumb to believing in crap like this to get by.

on another note, i had breakfast with my half-brother the other day and interestingly enough he told me that my dad had always referred to himself as the "lone wolf." that is nuts considering my last post....

Latin of the day: "aura quaeque janua panditur" = a golden key opens any door.

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