Universal truths?

2005-03-16 @ 2:33 a.m.

Considering my lack of work today and my overwhelming schedule tomorrow I should be sleeping by now…that would be the smartest thing but this past night’s events are keeping me wide awake. Not to mention that the day was the Ides of March and for it to be such a symbolically dark day it was very much bathed in light...

This day went by in a manner where everything kinda fell into place. Got my hair done ultra curly style for free as a hair model perk, downloaded a shitload of music at work, twiddled my thumbs and then it started to get real interesting. Hang on folks, this is a long one.

After work I had a couple of drinks with my boy who recently celebrated a birthday. The conversation got interesting as we entered into the territory of one of my mantras: ‘I do not regret the things I’ve done, but those I did not do.’

I was then off to meet up with Tac, CZ, and RJ in the east village at the usual spot. I said what up! to Tac and ran to take a piss. I then found myself on the phone with an offer…”hey, you want to come to the movies tonight and watch What the Bleep do we know?” as tempting as this was to watch this movie I’ve been dying to see with a person ( AX) whom I would have thoroughly enjoyed it with and coincidentally round aboutly recommended it to, I couldn't ditch on drinks so I passed. But said I would say hi before he left since its been a minute since we caught up. Briefly, AX and I launched into a conversation that delved into the symbiotic relationship of various beings in this world.

Then I was back at the bar. Kicked it with the regulars then grabbed some pizza. Now instead of walking a bit before grabbing a cab like I usually do I decided to take a cab right there.
2 cabs passed me by before the 3rd one stopped.
I got in and this is how it went;

Cabbie: “How are you tonight?”
Me: “good”
He asked some general questions about what I do (interestingly enough I answered cause I got a good vibe typically I would have written this cabbie off as most and assume sleaziness but we were vibin) and then out of nowhere he said…
Cabbie: “I must point out to you, you have an old soul. I tell you because I practice astrology and healing on the side.”
Me: “umm ok” (anyone that knows me knows that this old soul term is a term I take quite seriously) “so what is your sign then?”
Cabbie: “guess.”
Me: “Scorpio”
Cabbie: (he smiled with excitement) “yes”
Me: “when is your birthday?”
Cabbie: “guess. you know it, I know you do” (he watched me intently out of the rear view mirror as I studied his eyes)
Me: (out of nowhere with such confidence I answered…) November 17th.
Cabbie: With such excitement he began to scream “I knew it I knew it, I felt your energy as soon as you got in my cab, I saw it on the corner before I picked you up”
After he showed me his license to prove that I got his bday correct he told me my birthday date, and was right… I learned his name was Sopal and that I should call him Pal.

This is how it started, as if a test, it then proceeded to include a crazy conversation in which he then told me where my birthmark was, how many siblings I had, and how I pray at night.

As a disclaimer, there is NO WAY he could have known any of this. He told me that he knew this about me because he can “see (my) physical body, (my) inner soul through (my) energy.”

We then delved into a conversation about Mother Earth; about God…he told me everything in the same exact voice as the woman healer that appeared in my life over a year ago.
-He told me how I must continue to believe regardless of how it appears to others since so many others don’t understand because they are too new to this earth.
-He told me how my connection to this earth has a direct connection to my physical health and how I can have control over it.
-He told me that I am meant to do great things I just have to continue believe and I will be prosperous and healthy in doing so.
-He told me I need to learn more about the gift I have.

It was an amazing experience, a cab ride which I will never forget, a cab ride in which I met Pal…one that is impossible to recount in type because my fingers can not process the speed in which my mind is working.

The ride ended and he refused to accept a tip “this conversation was the greatest tip I could have gotten.” He asked if we could sit for a few and just talk more but then he stopped himself and he said “there is so much more I can tell you but most I think you already know.”

He smiled widely, exited the cab, opened my door for me and gave me a huge hug. “Thank you," he said, "I love your soul, it’s beautiful, please don’t ever stop believing.”

I smiled, and thanked him for the ride.

I got into my place, alone, and stupefied, trying really hard to suspend disbelief to try and make sense. You can write this off as crazy, but if you know me then you know that this is not the first time this has happened to me.

What’s tripping me out is I feel as though he was another manifestation of the woman that came into my life almost over a year ago. The same words were spoken, the energy was high and reciprocated, and the warmth was indescribable.

I also can’t seem to rid my mind of a recent opportunity from an old professor to go on an excavational dig in Israel over the summer. Somehow I feel as though it’s all connected.

I am home and unable to contain my excitement, which is why I am writing now. I have to let it all out. Immediately when I walked in I left a ridiculously amped message for AX who was still in the movie. As I was then dialing Tac to tell him about Pal, Tac called. Craziness. I spoke to Tac and Meta who both helped make sense of the situation and attempt to make me realize that it was indeed great and I wasn’t completely crazy. Afterall, 'to deny your impulses is to deny the very thing that makes you human.' - another of my many mantras in life.

Then as I was almost drifting into a sleep on the couch, AX called back. For the next hour and a half we vibed on the universe. He told me about the movie, how he wishes I had seen it because there were so many common threads with what I had just encountered.

He shared my overall excitement and hit that ball back into my court with such a powerful serve it brought me back to that very first night.
‘This energy is crazy, I just need to feel you, hold your hand so maybe I can feel it.’
I don’t know…shit is crazy…we finally ended the conversation after having taken it to so many levels.

He left it with “I really want to hear how you feel about all this tomorrow, so we should talk about it.”

Yeah…we should…
What a great way to begin Book II.

Latin of the day: “nihil ex nihilo, disce pati” = “nothing comes from nothing, learn to endure.”

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