Closing of a Chapter.

2005-03-09 @ 12:30 a.m.

We have concluded Book I. The rapid introduction was followed by quickly rising action, we hit the climax and it was amazing. The dénouement was difficult for all characters involved but the conclusion is beautiful. It ends beautifully illustrated sealed with a kiss of possibility, as with any good story, a little taste that could fade- or could turn into a begging hunger.

My father always told me that the key to any story/movie etc. is to take a man and a woman, place them in a tree, throw rocks at them, and figure out how to get them down.

Well we are down now, the rocks hit hard but the view from the top was all worth it.

Both characters have acknowledged that like with any vivid incredible dream that occurs, there is the possibility for it to be forgotten, but we end not on that note, but on the hopeful note that there are those dreams that reoccur and those where fragments are remembered only to surmount in a surreal like de ja vu.

This is where we leave Book I. Minimally edited, vividly illustrated, and completely honest.

And now as we cross the threshold we begin Book II, a whole new chapter, a gray divided in to a faded black and white like ink on paper - no more gray smudges from the pencil. Something both characters are prepared for, something both authors are prepared to write. There will be times where censorship will be difficult, as it is much easier to express true emotion than to hold it back but both are prepared with pen in hand.

My father also told me that you should always know how the story ends before you begin it.

Unfortunately, for Book II we are writing blind. That’s not to say that it won’t make for a great story it just means it is a neverending story of sorts, an epic perhaps, we don’t know but as long as both authors have the imagination, the energy, the desire then it’s a story that both are anxious to work toward completing.

It’s true; I meant it when I said I want you in my life for a long time…that I knew from the beginning.

Latin of the day: "dux femina facti" =" the leader of the deed was a woman"

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