2005-01-23 @ 9:27 p.m.

It's not even 10pm and I'm a half-sleep mess. In no ways will this one be eloquent as I can barely speak a sentence let alone write one. I've gotten about 6 hours asleep total this entire weekend, and that's not all at once, we're talking a 30min here an hour there, but it was all great! I told c-ker that something must be in the stars for the taureans cause my ass is all messed up.

It snowed a beautfiul snow this weekend. The first snow of NYC is alwayse the most beautiful. The city gets blanketed in pure innocence. The night is illuminated by the reflecting cover of white and people are generally in a good mood milling about in the streets at all times of night.

Anyways, much to my dismay the big bday celebration of ms. meta got postponed for a more memorable weekend to be had on a more numerically significant day, perhaps. Well, I was bummed out about that cause everyone knows me knows I don't plan and this time i actually did! all in the spirit of my girls big 2-5 and instead we got snowed in. Maybe it was a sign, i don't know, but I hope she had a great day.

Ok anyways so I had no plans on Friday after work since I had been planning to go to DC and now with my tired ass from dealing iwth th eissue of "to go or not to go" all i wanted to do friday night is get WASTED! Bad, i know, but i deserved it. I was going to go to a grafitti show and then one of my boys at work (AX) who has become more and more of a friend invited me to the Knicks game. With no other plans I was like o-k. Much to my surprise we got there and we just kept walking and walking and then there were our seats on the fricking floor! Right by Ludacris, Beyonce, and Jiggah. And the game was AWESOME, Yao Ming is crazy and winning by one point within the last few seconds made for quite the exhiliarting time. Needless to say my ass was out til 6am that night and I think I accomplished my plan in getting hammered over reallly great conversations.

Saturday the snow started to come down hard, my girls in the village wanted to do brunch and on any normal day of getting in that late i would have slept in but the snow was calling me. Surprisingly I didn't have a hangover. So i packed a bag so that i could head out to my mans after brunch for the rest of the weekend. Got down to the village with barely a problemn and made it to a fabulous mimosa filled brunch.

After brunch I convinced my girl RJ to keep the buzz going, we got some supplies for the day, cheese, godiva liquer, chips, and biscotti. Got back to her place and made some fabulous liqoured up hot cocoa topped with some whip cream! We called AX to go play in the snow, much from my urging really, cause no one else really shares my affinity for fresh snowfall. Since RJ has a crush on AX she complied. So we convened in the park a lil tipsy a lil high and really cold. It was fun, I'm covered in bruises though now from falling so damn much and tackling everyone but it was well worth it. It was GREAT acutally, i just laid in the snow for a while watching the city got cleansed.

As AX departed to dry off, we got back to RJ's made more hot cocoa a grilled up some grilled cheeses, played Uno with RJ's peoples then some Scattegories and my ass SO DID NOT feel like going to queens. I was too tired and too tipsy. By now it was like 8pm and i finally got the motivation to bounce to my man's, then i got a phone call. It was BB. CRAZY! He called me from base, turns out that he will be sent to Fallujah, thats such a blower. Anyways of course my buzzed ass got caught up and ended up talking on the phone with taht boy for 5 damned hours! Now its like 1am and i'm like damnit. I waxed philosophical for a while with RJ and her peoples on the movie Mullholland Drive, a movie that I'm obsessed with, and a movie no matter how many times you watch it you never get. So now its like 2 and i'm like DAMNIT! Then I talk to AX who lives down the block, -- ok now im getting realy tired with recounting this all piece by piece. So for my sake basically I ended up kicking it at AX til 8 in the morning, talking, playing music, watching Joe Schmo, etc. it was CRAZY, but really really cool. I didn't realize I hadn't slept until I finally got my ass to the train and PASSED OUT. Since my man lives at the last stop, even the conductor had to wake my ass up, he was like "last stop, wake your ass up" ha! ok

It took me 2 hours to get to my mans and when I got here i was done. I've been drifint in and out of sleep ever since. I'm supposed to go to court tomorrow but ummm i don't know if that will really happen. I may just take the day to recoup. I really didn't have a snigle sober moment in the last 48hours.

My man has been gracious enough not to irritate me and actually let me rest, even brought me food! i guess he realized what a trek it is to get out here expecially in a foot of snow. although i think i may be addicted to men, ok maybe not so much "men" but the idea of discovering and learning all about someone new, love is still love, love.

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